About Ecolatier

My friends and colleagues like to call me an obsessed biologist, because I am in a constant search of unique natural ingredients that can nourish and protect our skin.

It’s worth mentioning that there are over 400,000 species on earth!

My passion for studying medicinal plants dates back to my childhood when my family moved to France in 1982. I still have vivid memories of lavender and rosemary fields where I spent hours wandering around and making plans for future. This is when I knew that I will study biology and chemistry and bring nature and people closer together.  

Many years and researches later, I was lucky to meet the team of like-minded experts and start working on Ecolatier cosmetics.   

Our concept is to nourish and delight the body through the skin, using the purest, natural, organic ingredients from around the world. 

Our skin is the most significant part of our body. When creating Ecolatier® cosmetics, our main focus is on using the transformative power of pure plant ingredients to develop products which are as effective as they are safe. Our cosmetics are natural and organic to the highest standards to deliver the most valuable and powerful action to your skin.

I like to call myself Eсolatier

When creating cosmetics, not only the carefully selected ingredients are important, but also the art of blending and preserving these ingredients. And this is what I do. I love what I do. I do what I love.

About Ecolatier